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Emergency No Heat

$ave yourself money...Before Calling... Check the following:

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Check your oil tank gauge to be sure you have heating oil, occasionally an oil tank gauge will stick, leading one to believe there is oil in the tank, tap the gauge lightly.

Make sure your thermostat is set above the room temperature, if your thermostat is programmable, check the settings also if your thermostat has batteries and they have not been changed in the last year, replace them.

Check that the "Emergency Switch", which usually has a Red Cover and is located typically near or in the stairway to the basement, is in the "ON" position. Check all switches on the heating system make sure they are in the "ON" position.

Check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse in the main electrical panel board.

Check the water level in the Sight Glass, add water to the proper level if needed. Water level should be 1/2 to 3/4 full. Do not overfill the boiler with water.

  • If there has been an Electrical Power Outage

The oil burner should start automatically when the Power resumes, however, in some instances it may be necessary to restart the oil burner manually. This is done by locating the reset button, which is usually red in color and located on the oil burner. On older heating systems you will find the red reset button located on the control box that is attached to the smoke pipe that goes to the chimney.

Press the reset button once and only once. The oil burner should start within two minutes, Use Caution, check to see if flame is present. If the oil burner operates for a few minutes and shuts off you will need a service technician.

Warning! Caution!... Do not press the reset button again.

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Many service related problems can be minimized before the heating system by having an Annual Tune-Up, Cleaning and Inspection.

Also, try not to let your oil tank go below a 1/4 of a tank.